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Paper Cup Forming Machine

Paper cup machine, disposable paper glass machine, coffee cup making machine, manufacture machine for paper cup, high speed paper cup machine

    1. Medium Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-C700 This piece of paper converting equipment provides a multi-station design and is able to make single and double PE coated beverage cups, ice cream cups, coffee cups, bubble tea cups and more.
    1. Medium Speed Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-Z12 MG-Z12 is a kind of multi-station automatic cup forming machine and equipped with a number of functional devices. With the assistance of this machine, workers save a great deal of time and energy, without compromising product quality and output.
    1. Double PE Coated Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-X12 Equipped with photoelectric sensor, micro frequency converter, precise cup counter and other processing devices, this multi-station automatic cup former independently finishes a series of cup manufacturing steps, like feeding, sealing, bottom cutting, etc.
    1. Single PE Coated Paper Cup Forming Machine MG-Q12 Installed with photoelectric sensor, fault detecting device, high-precision counter and other instruments, this paper converting instrument is frequently asked for production and manufacture of a comprehensive range of drink cups.

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